How to use a shared proxy server?

How to use a shared proxy server?

What is a proxy?

While working on an internet, companies and individuals use proxy as an intermediary. Proxy plays the role of a buffer between your computer device and internet. Using proxy, you can anonymously surf the world wide web by hiding your IP address and other personal information like your location and lifestyle preferences from shopping to playing online video games. A number of both free or paid, shared or private proxy servers are available that assist their user with multiple services. You can unveil the access of a particular website that you have blocked once and share your internet connection on Local Area Network (LAN).

The paid proxies are dedicated in nature with better speed, reliance and secure experience. Choosing a proxy depends on your budget and use. There are several types of proxies including, tunneling, forward, reverse, private and shared proxies.

What is a shared proxy?

Unlike private proxy which allows one-person access to a particular server, a shared proxy is shared by limited number of users. The number of users may be limited to 10 thus, 10 numbers of users will share that proxy server for surfing web. The cost of using such proxy server is divided among all the users who avail its services. In this way it is considered cheaper than a private proxy where the single individual has to pay all money for the services making it unaffordable for clients.

Shared proxy offer services of both Hypertext Transfer Protocol and SOCKS5 internet protocol making it more easy to use. Web browsers and other applications support proxy use. Different proxy packages are available at different rates per month that suits your multi requirements like access to social media (Twitter, Facebook, Google, Instagram, etc.), SEO tools (Scrapebox, Licorne AIO, etc.), unlimited bandwidth, quick response, 24 hours’ services, and more.

How to use a cheapest shared proxies server for various applications?

First of all, make proxy settings on client’s computer device. Some examples are given below;

  • Using a proxy server for Firefox requires these steps:

Tools – Options – Advanced – Network – Connections – Settings –Manual Proxy Configuration.

  • Using a proxy server for Yahoo Messenger requires you to choose between HTTP and SOCKS proxy and then specify the server parameters accordingly.
  • Using a proxy server for skype requires you to click tools – connection – HTTP or SOCKS5 to use it.

Individuals and corporations should check to buy shared proxies while working on line. Ensure that this proxy has a support team through email or live chat. Several shared proxy sellers assure protection from hackers, adwares, email advertising, viruses, leaking personal information and complications on shared proxy server. A shared server is best option if you want to use server for short time for couple of purposes and to download free of cost.

Uses of shared proxy:

Following are some of the uses of shared proxies:

  • To provide great features for bundle of purposes
  • For caching client’s web browser
  • To surf internet without any delay
  • For cost sharing
  • For quick setup time
  • To connect several people at a time


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