Tips To Buy and Preserve Green Tea

Tips To Buy and Preserve Green Tea

Tips To Buy and Preserve Green Tea

Almost everyone who drinks tea now knows that green tea is a health drink that is good for your metabolism. Green tea is fully loaded with healthy antioxidants and if drinked two to three cups per day can also help you in reducing weight and does not let’s you dehydrated. Apart from being a healthy drink it has other benefits but first you must have the knowledge of choosing the right product.

– Buy Organic

Either the tea is black, green or white it will surely have unhealthy ingredients such as chemical fertilizers and pesticides which were used at the time of cultivation and now harm your health. So when you look for green tea then prefer it to be organically grown. Organic tea will give you more benefits and rapidly help you lose weight. Organic tea may cost you more but the impact on your body may be double than standard green tea.

– Loose or Bagged?

You must be surprised to know that bagged tea may contain powerful antioxidants and nutrients which are found less in loose leaves as in the bag tea becomes a powder and the bag absorbs all the nutrients. So all the good bacteria and nutrients that you were supposed to intake are left in the bag. Additionally, leaves are natural and tend to remain fresh for longer than in the bags.

– Storing Green Tea

The best way to drink green tea is that it must be fresh and if you buy green tea or green tea powder in bulk then just make sure they are sealed kept properly to avoid coming in any contact with moisture. The container you use should have a BPA free double lid closing mechanism. This will be helpful in retaining the flavor as well as the freshness to a high extent. It is advised to buy the amount that you can consume in a period of one or two months.

– Where To Buy Green Tea Online

Green tea is easily available in grocery stores and super malls, still you should look for the best certified and trustworthy store like NourishMe Organics. These specialized tea suppliers make sure that the tea is traded with fair means but the tea is selected carefully from trusted resources. They have experts and professional tea blenders who identify the perfect flavour and nutrition value of the tea. So feel free to buy the best product at the best value.


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