Productivity Tips for Digital Nomad Business Leaders

Productivity Tips for Digital Nomad Business Leaders

As a digital nomad, you lead an awesome life. You get to work wherever you want, whenever you want, and you’re doing what you love. Whether you’re a designer creating logos for a variety of clients or a blockchain entrepreneur like Brian Magierski, it’s amazing to be able to travel while working. You’re making friends around the world, having amazing experiences, and all the while, you’re building up your reputation and career. But it isn’t all amazing. Sometimes, you can get lonely. Other times, you can get burnt out. And then there are the distractions of travel itself, which are always presenting themselves to you, even when you’ve got a deadline coming up.

That means even though you’re a hard worker, it’s hard to stay productive sometimes. Luckily, by using these strategies, you’ll get your work done and still have time for that hike/spa day/adventure in a nearby town.

1 Create a work ritual

Like any creative or entrepreneur, you understand the importance of being in the right mental space when you’re working. If your mind’s too cluttered with distractions and anxieties, the last thing you’ll be able to do is to sit down in front of your laptop and complete the tasks at hand. If you have Skype meeting with a client where you have to stay focused, it’s even worse!

That’s why work rituals are so important. And in your case, it has to be a portable work ritual: one you can do from anywhere. Some entrepreneurs swear by yoga routines first thing in the morning, but others like going for a walk or run. And then when it comes to your workspace itself, what’s most important to you? A cup of coffee? A seat by the window? Your to-do list written on a special notepad? Whatever it is, define it. And don’t forget to make a playlist on Spotify. Spotify accounts for 36 percent of streamed music subscribers worldwide, so you’re sure to find music you love.


2 Get some exercise

We know that getting exercise takes time, but it’s one of the best ways to get pumped (literally!) for your workday. According to Brent Gleeson, a contributor to, “A fit leader will have more confidence and solve problems more creatively. Studies show that our cognitive ability to be creative increases with even moderate levels of exercise. Whenever I have a speaking engagement or important presentation, I make sure to exercise that day prior to the event.” So in addition to feeling good, you’ll get more brain power, which will automatically help you focus on whatever you’re doing.

If you’re a digital nomad constantly traveling, though, it may be hard for you to find a way to exercise. But that’s where technology comes in! According to the digital nomad site Remoters, some great apps you can use to stay in shape while traveling include Seven, Freeletics Bodyweight, Sworkit, Daily Burn, and MyFitnessPal. Whether you’re a lawyer like Aaron Kelly or a life coach, one of these is bound to work for you. And don’t forget: exercising for merely 20 minutes benefits your mood for the next 12 hours, and if you’re happy, you’ll be more productive, too!


3 Schedule time off

We know, we know! You’re always busy. But everyone needs time off, especially people who are busy. And don’t act like those days you took off for traveling from one country to another even count; we know how exhausting it is to fly for six hours straight and then wait in passport control another one (or two). You need to give yourself breaks. And, besides, it’s not only better for you. It’s also better for business.

According to Acuity, “It’s been proven that meditation helps to lower stress levels, improves cognitive functioning, creative thinking, and productivity, and even improves physical health…People who regularly practice meditation may improve their mental focus by altering brain function. Compared to non-meditators, they may be better equipped to quiet brain activity related to a wandering mind.” Sure, it may have seemed like a celebrity fad at first, but it is powerful.

If meditation isn’t for you, though, simply relaxing in a hammock or reading a book on the beach shore can be effective, too. And having fun is important, too! According to a study from Expedia, “59 percent of travellers have a friend or family member join them for all or part of a business trip.” Even if you aren’t traveling with someone you know, you’re bound to make new friends at your hostel or co-working space. And isn’t the whole point of being a digital nomad (or at least part of it) to meet new people and get to know the world? So get out there!


What strategies do you use to stay productive as a digital nomad?


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