Microleaves shared Proxy Review

Microleaves shared Proxy Review

Microleaves was established in 2002 and has grown to become the world’s largest proxy network and captcha solving company. They pride themselves on their top of the line customer service.

Their products are supported by most of the leading internet marketing software, allowing for a wide range of clients. Microleaves is considered to be the best network around based on numerous factors. Their proxies come with a guaranteed 99.99% uptime, super speed, and unlimited bandwidth.

They offer their top of the line customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you never have to worry about your questions going unanswered. They also offer a 3-day money back guarantee. These are just a few reasons why the Microleaves shared proxy reviews are through the roof.

What is a Proxy?

A proxy is a network used to mask your IP address. This is a great way to protect your identity when you are surfing the internet. Proxies come in handy whether you are using them professionally through a business or just in your day to day life.

When you are on the internet, you may not want people to know where you are in the world. This particularly comes into play if you are often posting on forums or leaving comments on websites. However, this isn’t the only way a person can view your information through your IP address.

Without a proxy, one can simply check the IP address of who has visited their site and all of your information is there. A proxy is like a shield that hides you from that person’s view.

This is often how you hear about identities being stolen through one’s online activity. The use of an internet proxy ensures that you stay safe while you are online. There are 2 different types of Proxies, shared and private.

What’s the Difference Between a Shared and Private Proxy?

Private Proxy

A private proxy is used by individuals that surf the web. This could be any average person that wants to have the protection and privacy a proxy offers while on the web.

A private proxy can come in handy when a person wants to engage in online game play on a network where there are many other players. A private proxy will protect the identity of the play and allow for optimal privacy.

A private proxy also comes in handy if a person does a large amount of online shopping. This ensures that the individual’s passwords, bank, or credit card information are secure.

Shared Proxy

There are many ways in which a shared proxy differs from a private proxy. To start, a shared proxy is used by multiple people and typically great in a professional setting, but can be used on home networks.
When used professionally, shared proxies are great for harvesting keyword ranking information. This helps to find the best ways to improve the ranking of a website.

Microleaves already offers shared proxies at a low price and using a shared proxy is a great way to save money. The already low cost can be split between whoever uses the shared proxy.

This typically makes shared proxies a great option for saving money. Shared proxies are a low cost and innovative way to surf the web quickly, securely, and reliably.

This security and reliability ifs only increased when you are using Microleaves shared proxy.

Microleaves Shared Proxy Product Details.

Microleaves has a plan for everyone! Each package is offered at 25% off with a special coupon code. The larger the package, the better the deal.

Shared Proxy Options

  • 10 Shared Proxies Package At $15 off, this proxy can be shared over 10 proxies for $11.25.
  • 25 Shared Proxies Package At $25 off, this option can be shared over 25 proxies for $18.75.
  • 50 Shared Proxies Package
  • At $50 off, this option can be shared over 50 proxies for $37.50.
  • 100 Shared Proxies Package At $100 off, this option can be shared over 100 proxies for $75.
  • 300 Shared Proxies Package At $300 off, this option can be shared with 300 people for $225.

Microleaves Shared Proxy Reviews.

Customers are very happy with the results they’ve experienced through the use of these proxies. Some were so impressed that they went on to purchase other products from Microleaves as a result. Here are just a few of the many Microleaves shared proxy reviews.

Gregory Shult Says:

Wow, these proxies are amazing! The first day I used them and my LPM was over 100+ I have never had run that fast with previous proxies from other suppliers. I went ahead and signed up for the 50 port package might have to upgrade to the 100 port package soon hopefully the results stay the same in the future as of right now I am a very satisfied customer!

Don Damore Says:

Very high-quality proxies, they work great with my SEO tools. I use them mainly for SEO and I’ve seen an ~50% increase in lpm after switching from another provider. Binding the proxies to ips also helps with my custom tools. I also have active subscriptions to captcha solving and backconnect proxies from the
provider. Keep up the good work.

Gregory Tustin Says:

Fast, reliable and scalable Geo-specific highly anonymous Proxy Server Platform & API Optimized for mass web scraping & rapid Search Engine data extraction without being blocked.Solutions for Software Developers, SEO & Digital Marketing professionals.

Stewart Mathias Says:

These are the best and fastest dedicated & shared proxies I’ve ever used from any bhw provider. Everything running smoothly on 1000 threads.Highly recommended for SEO tools.

Stewart Matthias

Clearly, many are satisfied with Microleaves overall performance. These reviews show a high level of performance through the use of their shared proxies as well as improvement in business.


It’s clear to see from the multiple reviews that Microleaves is offering the top product on the market when it comes to their shared proxy services. You can expect booming results, friendly customer service, and great deals.

The best part is that they have real people using and reviewing their product, so you don’t have to worry about this company’s integrity. The proof is not only in the product but also in the reviews.

If you are looking for the best place to set up a shared Proxy, then you’ll want to go with Microleaves. Save money, save time, and get results.


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