Mobile App with Nougat

Mobile App with Nougat

Mobile App with Nougat

With the new Android Nougat update, Nougat began its steady expansion through the massive Android ecosystem. But, Google is perfecting the formula and making the functionality feel much more native. One of the biggest upgrades to this function to date has been Android Nougat, and now that rollout is extending to several more Chromebooks.As it’s often the case, some phone makers are taking their time bringing Nougat to their devices. The Cinema Box apk is available in all these. Download the latest version of Cinema Box version 2.1.0 and enjoy.

Two types of App Shortcuts are available:

1: Static:
This cannot be changed until you make a change in the file and re-install it on a device.

2: Dynamic:
This can be changed during runtime also. You can make a change without re-installing it on the device.

Support Java 8 Features:
Android Nougat brings support for Java 8’s features. Its use lambda expressions, which means you write less code. It’s Also using Stream APIs, Which means not use for-loops.

Split-screen multi-window feature:

In the multi-window mode, the user can resize apps to a minimum of 200 by 200. You can design responsive UI. Users Can be Multi tasking, with two apps open at the same time. If you’re thinking about updating your app to include this feature, you’ll need to be sure to specify things like minimum dimensions so your app isn’t compromised when it’s scaled down. Or, you can disable this all together so your app is only ever full-screen.

Direct reply for notifications:
it is a very interesting feature. If your app makes heavy use of notifications to communicate with users, implement these enhancements to make your app stand out from the rest. It has the ability to reply directly to a notification from a messaging app.
Direct boot:
Direct boot lets apps such an alarm clock, messaging, email, to do list programs or any other app where showing timely notifications matters, run in a limited environment and do time-critical work even when the device is locked.Before your app is completely ready for direct boot, you need to move all of the data to be accessed by direct boot-aware components to the device’s protected storage area. Direct Boot is a feature that uses file-based encryption to let apps run securely on the device (in a limited fashion) before a user has even unlocked their device. Developers can flag components in an app to be encrypted and thus accessible by the device when in lock mode.

Nougat game:
The major features are Nougat Game. it is available in Android 7.0. Learning and incorporating all of these features into your app won’t take more than a few days of your time, but the payoff with your users will be great.
Your app can now tailor content to your user based on their language preferences.
Android 7.0 reviews:

• Totally 3D graphics changes in OS 7.0
• Android 7.0 has an inbuilt Eye-Protection-Mode.
• Set Screensaver of Clock, Colors, News & Weathers, Photos.
• Unrestricted Data Access
• Multitasking

Android 7.1 reviews:

• New round icons
• Snappy quick-action shortcuts
• Notification redesign and quick reply
• Settings menu revamped

Android 7.2 reviews:
The latest update for the Pixel and supported Nexus family is Android 7.1.2, originally announced on January 31. The new recent apps overview shows small tiles arranged in a grid pattern as opposed to the more familiar card stack. You’ll only be able to see eight apps at a time and for now, you can’t even swipe them away, but it’s a solid start. Android 7.1.2 also allowed to choose where to install live wallpapers. GIF support also arrived at an early stage on the Google Keyboard.


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