Methods to Wash and Remove the Odor of Tennis Shoes

Methods to Wash and Remove the Odor of Tennis Shoes

Methods to Wash and Remove the Odor of Tennis Shoes

What are tennis shoes: generally speaking these are the shoes we use to wear while doing sports. Tennis shoes are comfortable in wearing however it smells bad and you need to get rid of it but how to clean tennis shoes that it won’t smell after washing? Sometimes, shoe smell comes even after washing thus, you need to learn some other ways that do not call for many efforts and give outcomes according to your expectations. These details will give you Complete Idea.

Here, we are about to start discussion that will help you out;

Cleaning the dirt first:

When you come from outside there is a lot of dirt on your shoes. So, first clean it with any soft cloth or shoe brush.

For washing:

Take the warm water and add any detergent to it that make it a little bit soapy but not too much that it make lather in the water.

Subsequently, follow it with the next step, take sponge it is much better than using the cloth and brush, dip it in the detergent water and then clean your overall shoes with it.

Leave your shoes as it is with the detergent on it for almost five minutes and next, wash it with the clean water with the same sponge.

Leave it for dry on room temperature.

For removing the odor:

The insole cleaning is a must for the removal of odor. The basic reason behind the smelly shoes is that you do not wash the insole while cleaning your shoes and this is why your shoes smell bad even after washing.

Odor removal is very easy, as you need to remove the insole.

Make the same detergent water in a small tub or bucket and soak your insole into it for almost half an hour. Here you can use the aromatic cleaner of the clothes. Add that solution to the water for fragrance.

Wash these with the clean water and leave it for dry. Fix it again into your shoes.

Instruction to control smell:

We never think that why our shoe smells bad but we are very inquisitive that how to clean tennis shoes.  Here are some tips to alter your ways of wearing shoes so that it does not smell.

Never wear shoes barefooted because there is no any space for air for in and out thus when your foot sweats it becomes sticky with shoes. It does not only give birth to bad odor but also it damages your skin.

Always use odor control spray before wearing socks.

You can use dryer sheets as well. These sheets are used to control odor by absorbing sweat. People who complain of excessive sweat should use this. Tear this sheet apart into two halves and then put it into your shoes. Dispose of it after wearing off shoes.

Conclusively, we can say that cleaning and removal of the odor of the tennis shoes are not so much difficult and also t does not take much time and effort. However, you may control odor and sweating by following some of the above-mentioned instructions. These the full details definitely give you more Ideas.


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