How to make your e-cigarette taste stronger

How to make your e-cigarette taste stronger

How to make your e-cigarette taste stronger

The cigarette with tobacco and nicotine had been nothing a straight forward carcinogenic that aided in cancer and millions of deaths around the world. Ever since the e-cigarette was invented, it was agreed that not only will it help heavy smokers, but also be a tad bit healthier alternative for the regular cigarettes.

The advantage of e-cigarette over regular cigarettes is that since they dot contain tobacco, there is no chance of the tar being collected in the lungs (or linings thereof), are cheaper, economical and don’t even produce smoke. They don’t even contain the thousands of chemicals (4,000 to be precise) that a regular cigarette does.

With all these benefits, the e-cigarettes also came in flavoured variants. Sure, you have to buy the flavour, but these are more pleasurable.

One issue that people using e-cigarettes face is with the taste. People complain the taste of e-cigarettes being too subtle. For such issues, there are tricks that can come handy for you to make the flavour of that e-cigarette stronger.

Reduce nicotine amount

The level of nicotine in e-cigarettes is variable and you can reduce or increase it. For the flavour of the e-cigarette to be stronger, just reduce the level of nicotine in it. Nicotine not only dilutes the flavour but also hits the throat pretty harshly.

Use more PG or VG

Propylene glycol (PG) or Vegetable glycol (VG) is the solvent that your e-cigarette runs on. The amount of the liquid used affects the flavour; it is basically a vehicle for the flavour. So, the more PG or VG you use, the stronger flavour you get.

Charge Your Battery

That’s a no-brainer, really. You might not be able to figure it out, but as you use the e-cigarette, the amount of charge in your battery will drain slowly, resulting in a dip in voltage. This will lessen the flavour and you’ll just be puffing out flavourless vapour.

Keep Your Wicks, Coils, and Tanks Clean

Not only is this practice hygienic, it is also a way of ensuring the fact that better flavour is delivered to you. The flavour from a new, cleaned wick, coil and tank is the best. For this, just disassemble your clearomizer and rinse the components in hot water and give them plenty of time to dry.

Wicking and Coil Materials

The material of both your wick and coil in the device matters, when it comes to stronger flavour. Essentially, you get wicks made of silica in the e-cigarettes but they block the flavour of the cigarettes. Using cotton for wicking material is a better option as it ensures more flavour.

Wattage and Temperature Settings

This is a simple, rustic yet helpful way of increasing flavour in the vapour. For this, you need to try flavour chasing. This is starting at the lowest temperature and wattage setting and working your way up to you, for your own self-figure out the perfect setting for the most flavour.


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