Common Roof Leaks and What to do About Them

Common Roof Leaks and What to do About Them

Common Roof Leaks and What to do About Them

Homeowners have many things clamoring for their attention when it comes to home maintenance and repairs. However, one of the most important is taking care of their roofing systems and finding roofing contractors in Indianapolis that can handle their unique roofing system needs and requirements. Here at Stay Dry Roofing, we are committed to helping local residents get and maintain the roofing system that is just right for their home. One of the biggest issues and the single most common complaint we get from our customers involves leaky roofs so here are some of the most common leaks we see and what you can do about them!

Roofs Need Indianapolis Roof Repair Experts

Most roof leaks have some similar components and the vast majority of them are due to the same types of problems. These include:

Damaged Shingles – Even the strongest shingles can lift during high winds and become damaged during storms when debris, hail, and wind give it a pounding. Damages shingles create an opening for water to seep in and damage the underlying components of the roofing system.

Problems With Flashing – Of all the calls we get for leaks involving roofing, Indianapolis homes seem especially prone to flashing problems due to the extreme weather and stormy seasons that are so prevalent. Flashing that is warmed cracked, or damaged cannot protect against water damage and will lead to leaks

Skylights and Chimneys — Chimney flashing is critical to forming a tight seal where the chimney meets the roof and damaged flashing can lead to major leaks. Skylights are trickier due to issues with temperatures, condensation, and lighting but when inspecting the roof it is usually easy to see if the sealing flashing has been damaged.

Leaky Valleys – Valleys, which are the little gutters where the slopes of the roof meet, can be major problem areas and should be carefully inspected. Flashing can be damaged by lifting tiles, fungus build up, or improper cleaning. As a leader in Indianapolis roof repair, we have extensive experience with all types of roofs!

Ice Dams Forming – Especially in areas that have bitter cold winters, this can be a major source for leaks during the changing of the season. Ice dams form when melted snow refreezes on your roof. The added weight and friction can tear off shingles and as the underlays melt with the heat of the home, leaks can form!

If you think you have a leaky roof and you have noticed any of these signs, you should call Stay Dry Roofing and let us show you why we are the trusted roofing contractors in Indianapolis and the surrounding area!

Quick Tips for Finding Roof Leaks

It may seem a bit simplistic and something most people do not need to be told, but it is important to remember that water flows downhill. The reason this is key, is that the actual leak may be farther up the roofing system than where you see the leak inside. Water will break through the barrier of the roof and trickle down until it finally shows up in the home. In general, the steeper the slope of your roof the farther the water can travel from the source of the leak. Here are the most common places to look for the source of the leak:

Flashing – The metal sheets or asphalt and PVC flashing used in roofing systems are commonly found in peaks and valleys, round chimneys and sky lights, and any place where pipes or wires break through the roofing system.

Vertical Slits — The vertical gaps that are commonly seen between shingles is the single most common place for shingled roofs to have leaks form. Because water can seep down between them, they are more prone to deterioration and leaking- especially in the top few rows of shingles.

Missing Granules – The rough gritty covering on asphalt shingles is what helps water proof it and helps the water run off faster. When this gritty covering is worn down the shingles can be more prone to leaks and are more likely to break and peel in extreme weather and temperature extremes.

Skylight and Chimneys – The invention of the skylight revolutionized lighting in the home and ta working fireplace and chimney can add beauty and value to your home but they also pose a big leak risk. Anytime you cut a hole in the roofing system, you open it up to leaks. This is why it is important to stay on top of all your Indianapolis roof repair and maintenance needs.

Valleys – The angles and deep valleys formed by the joining to two sloped roofs channel water and often can often get much deeper in this area than anywhere eels on the roof. Leaks are more likely if there are cracks or gaps in the shingles, flashing, or sealant in this area.

Common Issues Involving Roofing in Indianapolis

Roofs are made of many different types of materials and the number of styles available are almost endless. The type of roofing material used on your home’s roof will have a lot to do with how you take care of it and how much of a problem you might have when it comes to damage, wear and tear, and leaks.  At Stay Dry Roofing of Indianapolis, we have seen every type of roof available and have years of experience working with every roofing system imaginable. Here are some of the common issues we have seen for Indianapolis roofing:

Metal Roofs

  • Improper repairs, installations, or modifications made to the roofing panels
  • Fasteners for the shingles and panels that have become corroded or loose
  • Time and the elements can corrode the fasteners, screws, and panels
  • Sometimes the seams will expand and panel warp to form gaps

Asphalt Shingles

  • Can lift or blow off completely in high storm winds
  • Shingle are only as good as the materials and their installation
  • Shingles need to be installed with a “nailing strip”- without it they blow off
  • Some shingles can crack and peel in high humidity and high temperatures

Composite Roofing

  • Very lightweight for roofing systems that can’t sustain a lot of weight
  • Prone to extensive damage from high winds
  • Entire sections of the roofing can fail due to deterioration or impact damage
  • Is damaged by wind more easily than other heavier shingles

Wood Shake

  • Susceptible to moss buildup in wet shady situations which speeds deterioration
  • Wood can deteriorate with time and can expose your roof to further damage
  • Some wood is soft and can be damaged by storm debris
  • More prone to damage by insects

Slate Roofs

  • Improper installation is the biggest issue as the smallest gap can cause leaks
  • Prone to ice-damming and roofing can crack under snow and ice loads
  • Is more expensive compared to the other roofing materials
  • Needs more maintenance and care than shingle roofs

Tile Roofs

  • Has a special barrier layer under the tile that can become torn and lead to leaks
  • Tile can be easily damaged by storm debris
  • It can be more difficult to replace and repair isolated tiles
  • Heat from the sun over the years can cause it to deteriorate

Other Common Roof Repairs

Anything that is exposed to the elements, whether it is natural or manmade, will suffer damage and the same goes for your roofing material and the other components of the roofing system. Here are some areas that we here at Stay Dry Roofing have found that too many people fail to consider when inspecting their own roofs. As leading roofing contractors in Indianapolis, we also have experience dealing with these other common problem areas of the modern roofing system:

Fascia and Soffits Repairs

Often seen as simple decorations or basic edging to the roofs, the fascia and soffit are important parts of the roofing structure that protects the roof. It does this by forming a barrier that prevents any gaps between the roof’s edges and keeps out the elements while allowing for some ventilation of the roofing area. Damage to either one of these components not only look bad and detract from the appeal of your home from an aesthetic standpoint, it can cause problems with your gutters and can also lead to water damage to the edging of your roof.

Repairing Roof Trusses

Trusses are the invisible skeleton of your roofing system and are the main structures that support your roof. Leaks that form in the higher parts of the roofing system will often run along the trusses and then drip down into the attic and celling area of the home where the first signs of leaks are often detected. Because of this, when a leak happens the trusses need to be a key area for damage inspection by an Indianapolis roof repair expert. Aside from watching for water trails and signs of leak sources, the trusses themselves need to be inspected for integrity issues. Cracked, warped, or damaged trusses weaken the entire roofing system and can lead to shifting and cracking of the roof and can lead to massive damage if left unaddressed.

Roof Gutter Repairs

Cleaning your gutters is one of the most detested of all the home maintenance chores but it is a very important one despite its less than glorious repetition.  However, this job is one of the simplest things you can do to keep your roof protected. Without proper care, cleaning, and maintenance gutters can hold water which speeds the deterioration of the fascia, the trusses, the underlayment, and affects the overall integrity of the roofing system. Heavy gutters can pull away from the roof, damage shingles, and pull sections of the roof own with them which les to more damage and more costly repairs.

These are just some of the reasons why Indianapolis roof repair and maintenance is so critical and why you need to find the best of the best when it comes to roofing contractors in Indianapolis. We here at Stay Dry Roofing are ready to go to work for you and your family!

Roofing Contractors in Indianapolis

There is a lot to think about for choosing the right contractor for roofing Indianapolis homes. You have put a lot of time, money, energy, and maybe even some blood and tears into your roof so you want to make sure you rely on expert care and service in your time of need. If you are searching for the best of the best when it comes to Indianapolis roof repair, Stay Dry Roofing is here for you!  Call us today to schedule your consultation appointment and ensure your roof is taken care of every season, no matter what gets thrown your way!



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