9 Reasons To hire a photo booth for your wedding function

9 Reasons To hire a photo booth for your wedding function

Wedding Photo Booth Hire has become increasingly popular over the last few years and now has is an essential part of any wedding. So what is the fuss about??

9 Reasons to hire a Photo Booth for your Wedding.

  1. Entertainment

This is the obvious one. No matter how many Photo Booths you have been in, you will always find it entertaining. People will always have a great time pulling face, wearing props and leaving a video message for the happy couple. There are always guests who might not be up for a boogie, they might be tired or perhaps they have two left feet, having a Photo Booth will make sure they are included in the party.

  1. Great for all ages

The great thing about Photo Booths is that it’s not just for one particular age group. Young and old can have just as much fun. Having kids occupied by the fun of the Booth will keep them super happy!

  1. Nostalgia

Back in the day when not everything was captured on phones and cameras we had the good old Polaroid. This will certainly bring back memories but with an added twist with great props! Having a physical print instead of it being digital is half the fun! The great thing is that Photo Booth companies will always provide prints to the guests.

  1. High Quality Prints

Another thing about Photo Booths are not only that they are fun, you will also receive prints that will rival most Photographers. With the confined lighting, top of the range camera and high end printer, rest assured your prints will be of the highest quality.

  1. Themes

Let your Photo Booth company know what your theme is and they will try and match it with the Booth. They may be able to provide different props, a back drop that matches your colours and even edit the print templates to suit your theme.

  1. Guest Books

Not only will you have a guest book from your photographer but you will also receive one with your Booth images. The best thing is not only will it capture every moment, you won’t have to wait a few weeks to receive the album! It will be ready waiting for you at the end of the night! You will also receive all the print digitally so that it all can be shared with your guests on social media.

  1. Social Media Uploads

All the newest Booths have the capability to upload images straight to Social Media making sure you don’t have to wait for digital copies before you can share them.

  1. Socialise

This is a win for any party. With a Photo Booth you are sure to have people mingling straight away without any awkward one line chats. It is easy to get involved and you will notice how it brings the whole party together.

  1. Cost

The great thing with a Photo Booth is you will be able to have something that is affordable yet provides so much to you and your guest on the day. For as little as £350, you can have your friends and family entertained all night!

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