4 Pairs of Shoes Every Woman Needs on Her Vacation

4 Pairs of Shoes Every Woman Needs on Her Vacation

Going on vacation is fun. Whether you end up flying to San Francisco for a weekend break or hopping on a Caribbean cruise, it’s a break from reality and a chance to unwind. This is your opportunity to kick back and relax, spend some time perusing new sights and enjoy the company of a loved one. However, if you don’t take the right items with you, it could all end in tears.

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Shoes are more important than we think. Wearing the wrong pair of shoes can ruin an outfit and cripple our feet. Unless we are traveling on a private jet, we don’t usually have enough room to pack hundreds of pairs of shoes. This means you have to be discerning about what shoes you do take. To help you make the right decision, here is a list of the four pairs of shoes you can’t afford to leave behind in your closet.


Sliders are fast becoming a must-have accessory for the discerning lady. Sliders come in many different designs, ranging from casual sliders to more decorative shoes that you could pair with a cute dress or shorts and wear for an evening on the town.

Look for sliders that match any outfit. Plain colors, such as black or white, work best on holiday. Decorative sliders look fab poolside or in the bar, so bling it up if you want to catch some extra attention on your summer vacation.

Court Shoes

Every woman needs at least one pair of court shoes in her summer vacation wardrobe. Court shoes give you killer legs and transform a plain dress into a seductive little number. Nude heels are the most adaptable and will go with any outfit, but if you dislike nude heels, go for black or white and make sure you accessorize to complete the outfit.

Do you hate wearing heels? If so, don’t despair. Kitten heels look just as sexy as six-inch stilettoes and will work just as well. Pack a pair of cute kitten heels and wear this instead. Your feet are less likely to complain at the end of the evening. Look online for some bargain Italian shoes women.

Canvas Pumps/Sneakers

Sneakers are essential for sight-seeing and shopping trips. If you are spending all day shopping or exploring ancient ruins, your feet need to be comfortable. It’s a bad idea to wear heels when shopping or sight-seeing, as you could end up breaking your neck or being crippled by painful blisters. Pack some casual pumps or sneakers and stay comfortable. White, grey or blue sneakers or pumps work well with most outfits, including jeans and shorts.

Beach Shoes

You can’t hit the beach without some beach shoes. Cheap plastic flip-flops will protect your feet from sharp stones, red-hot sand, or vicious coral. Wear them in the sea, on the promenade, or even when you are lazing around the pool.

Pack these four pairs of shoes and you have every vacation covered this year.


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